Powys Green Guide

Powys Action on the Climate Emergency

In 2022 PACE commissioned four projects as part of the UK Government Communities Renewal Fund (CRF):

  • Powys Home Energy Audits
  • Powys Community Carbon Audits and Action Plans
  • Powys 20 Minute Neighbourhoods Pilot
  • Powys Green Guide

Home Energy Audits

This project was a Powys-wide pilot of 50 subsidised home energy audits. PACE worked with Lightfoot Enterprises on the delivery of this project. Lightfoot Enterprises is a charity based in Bishops Castle that has delivered bespoke energy advice to households for about 15 years. Each household received a personalised report with actions to improve their energy efficiency, which will reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills when implemented. Training was provided to community volunteers by Lightfoot to carry out home visits.

End of project report - Household Energy Surveys in Powys [PDF]

Community Carbon Audits and Action Plans

A number of community councils in Powys have declared Climate Emergency, but needed help and support to identify actions that would make a difference in their communities. This project, run by Ecodyfi, supported four groups to understand the specific carbon impacts of their communities, how to tackle identified issues, and to develop a plan of action for their community.

The groups were:

Community Carbon Auditing PACE/PAVO [PDF]

See Carbon Audit and Reports under Files to Download at the bottom of this page.

Powys 20 Minute Neighbourhood Pilot

'20 minute neighbourhoods' are neighbourhoods where people can access most of their daily and weekly needs within a short walk of their home, and readily available public transport to reach the rest. The concept not only has multiple benefits for the climate, but in cities it also improves the local economy, improves the liveability and quality of life in a place, and results in decreased health inequalities. As the '20 Minute Neighbourhood' is a city-based concept, this project was to see if it could be relevant for, or could be adapted for, a rural situation and see which facilities and services could be supplied without the need for owning a car.

Powys 20 Minute Communities Feasibility Study October 2022 [PDF]

Powys Green Guide

The Powys Green Guide project is a project to provide a hub where:

  • Individuals can get information on how to take steps to green their lifestyle and source goods and services with a lower environmental footprint.
  • Local community groups, working on supporting the environment, can promote their work to gain greater engagement from members of their community, grow their impact and help shape our society for the future. Some people find groups beneficial for inspiration, social support and to find a way through to a positive vision of the years ahead.
  • Businesses with a lower environmental footprint can promote their green goods and services to create awareness and take up of better buying options.
  • Groups can post their green events to attract a wider audience to their events, network, and find support.

The website aims to create a community that is inspired by the site and by the community of people and organisations in Powys taking action to contribute to achieving the Welsh target of reducing carbon emissions in Powys by 37% by 2025.

 In this way it will play a role in supporting County and National carbon reduction targets through communication to the wider community, supporting change through helping everyone to take everyday actions to play their part, supporting ‘Team Wales’ - the Welsh Government's term for collective and cohesive action throughout our country.

Powys Green Guide launched in December 2022 and PACE wishes to especially thank Mike Slater and Lisa Sture for the hours and hours of time and energy they put into developing such an amazing website. If you haven't seen it yet, check out Powys Green Guide website

Files to Download

Carbon Audit n Action Plan Project Report [pdf]


CC Audit Guide SEPT22 n1n [pdf]


CC Audit Methology SEPT22 n1n [pdf]


CC Audit Report BRECON JUN22 n1n [pdf]


CC Audit Report ERWOOD JUL22 [pdf]


CC Audit Report HAY n CUSSOP AUG22 [pdf]


CC Audit Report KNIGHTON SEPT22 [pdf]


Hay TC direct emissions AUG22 n2n [pdf]


Brecon TC Action Plan n Suggested actions MAY22 [pdf]


ERWOOD V4 Action Plan [pdf]


Hay Net Zero Hay Action Plan draft v1 SEPT22 n1n [pdf]


Hay TC Town Plan Climate Actions Draft SEPT22 [pdf]