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Powys Action on the Climate Emergency

Welcome to our website.

Powys Action on the Climate Emergency (PACE) is an association of the community groups and organisations in Powys who are helping their communities make the transition to a low carbon future.

Individuals who are interested in working towards a low carbon future, either for themselves or in their communities are also welcome to join PACE and support its aims.

PACE was formed at the start of 2021 as a way of helping Powys communities to collaborate on tackling climate change. Any organisation with an interest in engaging in positive discussion can take part, membership is free and meetings are held online monthly.

The key aims of PACE are to:

  • Increase awareness of the transition, the low carbon, and community resilience agenda throughout Powys
  • Support PACE member groups and organisations to engage their local audience/community
  • Support PACE member groups to engage with strategic organisations and engage in partnerships
  • Support the capacity and effectiveness of PACE member groups through training and knowledge sharing
  • Collaborate and promote a larger collective voice in climate and ecological emergency issues
  • Use our members knowledge and expertise to help others on matters relating to the climate and ecological emergency
  • As a collective group, be able to influence, do more together, and build on the work we do as individuals
  • Where possible, to support Powys County Council (PCC) to deliver on their Sept 2020 declaration of Climate Emergency

PACE and Powys County Council

One of the initial ambitions of PACE was to encourage Powys County Council [PCC] to address climate change with more urgency. Powys County Council did declare a climate emergency in September 2020, and this declaration committed it to taking a series of actions, which included setting up a cross-party climate change working group and a stakeholder group. PACE has maintained regular dialogue with the council to monitor their progress in forming a working group, and has pressed the council to put in place the stakeholder group, as agreed. This is still work in progress. However, PCC has formed a transport stakeholder group, which PACE participates in to represent community views. The council's intention is to now bring together stakeholder groups for other special areas of interest.